With your reservation, which may be by email, fax, phone you are submitting a binding offer to us to conclude a holiday agreement. The reservation made by the person placing the order shall also apply to all persons listed therein. The person who places the order will remain responsible for the payment of any balance of all persons listed on the confirmation.
The agreement shall become effective with our acceptance. You will receive a confirmation of reservation from us within 4 hours after receipt of your reservation.
A deposit of 30% of the booking is required for each booking, unless this is within 15 days prior to arrival where the full amount of the booking is required. The deposit and remaining payment can be found in your confirmation of reservation. The remaining amount will be paid on site. Payment for the reservation must be made by bank transfer or by Paypal. Paypal transaction fees will be charged due to cancellation.
In the case that we cancel your holiday prior to your arrival:

Under exceptional cases and if we are not able to offer some services we reserve the right to cancel your holiday package or any of its components, or replace with equivalent/similar standard and price (if available). You may either accept the new arrangement offered or cancel your holiday and receive a full refund.


The Client is using equipment at his own risk of accident or injury.

Equipment is in use only by the person who is renting it unless combo rental is valid.

Equipment is provided for use at the water only, therefore the Client can not hold the equipment on the beach or carry it anywhere else, or launch/land at any other spot except than the lunch site front of the surf centre.

The Client should follow the local and National regulation of personal watercrafts.

We reserve the right to limit the windsurf activities we offer during extreme weather conditions and according to the Client’s ability and experience. It is within our absolute discretion to refuse any Client’s request to use the equipment at times or during extreme weather conditions where we consider the Client would be in a risky situation.

EQUIPMENT DAMAGE INSURANCE is offered locally or pre-booked either. Unless the Equipment Damage Insurance has been valid, any damage on the rented equipment will charged to the Client. A credit card with sufficient balance may be requested as guarantee The Equipment Damage Insurance covers damages will may happen at the water but does NOT COVER the follows:

1) Damage on fins
2) Damage caused by impact with any object (reef, rocks, sand, beach, other boats, other windsurfer or other windsurf kit, etc)
3) Damages will occur on the beach
4) Equipment is provided for use in recreational sailing. We reserve the right to void the insurance if the equipment is being used in a destructive way or if the renter does not posses the necessary skills to use the equipment. In this case insurance fee will be refunded and any damage which may occur on the equipment will be charged to the Client.
5) Loss of our equipment
6) Please note that NO refunds will be given for cancellation from pre-booked windsurf activities in case of non-participation in such windsurf activities, whether due to illness, injury, lack of wind or any other similar reason. In some cases a credit voucher will be provided by the station.