The best equipment  for your windsurfing holidays by Tabou – Gaastra Vandal and MA boards!





The  Freetime are our school and kids’ sails.
The Dacron version is pretty much bulletproof, which for a school rig is essential.




The Fox are our  kids’ sails.
Waiting for the talent kid that can handle a more advanced sail in specific size with the boom not as high as the normal sails!



The Pilot is our entry point freeride sail. It has all the high-grade features you would expect to find on a GA sail. The simplified design ensures that anyone from a complete beginner and beyond will enjoy its effectiveness.



The Matrix is our freeride favourite! Each size is equipped with 6 battens and no cams, combining a light gentle rotation with a strong secure skeleton, which provides forgiveness for a novice rider and exhilaration for the expert.



The Pure is the very best performance freestyle sail for any sailor looking to improve their sailing level. It has long been regarded as the benchmark sail in its category and the chosen weapon by many of the top professional sailors on the world tour. Super light in the hands and an even balance imparts the sailor with maximum control while attempting their tricks.

The Riot is our best handling and performance wave / freestyle sail. All wave sailors out there want that lightweight feel in their hands whilst receiving constant power throughout their turns, and all freestylers want that power instantly to pop into their moves.


Pocket!This board offers security to push you to your limits even in the most challenging conditions. Easy and early to plane, the Pocket gets you up and going through the waves, allowing you to pick the ramp of your choosing and


The Guru gets you on the water and gives you simple fun!
sizes: 125l,135l,145l


The Twister boards give every rider the chance to stop thinking about the board to focus on landing new moves.


The Rocket 115 get going fast more easily while still having a high top speed. The added width makes the boards work with bigger sails and lighter winds, plus more stable for jibes.


3S multi tool!This range covers any rider looking to have fun on the water

The SUPAWIND´s are the ultimate paddle- and windsurf board combination, as they cover rides with a paddle or rigs with ease. These Classic SUP shapes come with a center fin option for improved windsurfing performance.

MA boards freeride line 110 , 120 , 130L
Hand made cnc shapedboards, carbon innegra construction 25% lighter..
Modern shapes

MA boards freestyle line 91 , 96L
Hand made cnc shaped boards, carbon innegra construction 15% lighter..