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Stam - Shaka (pic by Alex Grimanis)
Stam no handed over the ramp

The owner of Laguna’s centres is Stam Promponas, who is an athlete at freestyle windsurfing. He used to compete on EFPT and PWA competitions with the number GRE-393.Since 2014, Stam was graduated as coach of sailing-windsurfing from the General Secretariat of Sports in Greece.
Stam and his team (instructors of Laguna’s centers)provide high quality lessons of windsurfing, sup and foiling. Stam provides also high level freestyle windsurfing lessons and he coaches athlete’s of freestyle windsurfing discipline.

Lennart Neubauer (G-734) has been coached from Stam since his first steps on freestyle discipline Lennart has been already several times on the pedestal at many freestyle competitions all over the world.He has already won the first place at freestyle completion under 15 years old! Lennart at the moment is PWA member rider with high expectations that very soon he will won the first place , with the precious tips and guidance of his coach Stam Promponas.

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Stam Promponas

Owner - Instructor