Freestyle show 2018

Report on the Laguna Beach Park Freestyle show Competition!

The mid-august freestyle show and competition has become something of an institution for freestyle windsurfing in Naxos island – Greece.

This year the event took place on the 11th of August with the wind blowing at 35knots: perfect conditions. The six best riders started with a show demonstrating some of the most extravagant and difficult freestyle moves, like air-kabi,  culo, burner no handed, massive forward loops. Foivos Tsoupras, Loick Spicher, Stam Promponas, Dimitris Malliopoulos, Lennart Neubaer and Manolis Orfanos put up a show the spectators are going to remember for a long time.

After that it was time for the contest: 21riders in four heats. What impressed us the most was that half of the contestants were under the age of 16!!! Four riders in the final gave an extra show. Loich Spicher won the contest but it was very close with Foivos, Lennart and Malliopoulos. We saw kabikuchis, air kabis, skopus, forwards, air flakas, the lot!

It was another great show hosted by Laguna BeachPark in perfect conditions and friendly atmosphere. More than 100 spectators enjoyed the show and even more through the live feed on youtube! Looking forward to the next one!


Photos By Michael Tsinoglou ©. and Κώστα Κοροβέσης report by S.Koutsomitros

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