Lessons 2021


All the courses are on flexible days and hours that better fits in your Schedule.

Beginner lessons are done with specialized beginner equipment. Learn the basic theory and safety issues. At the end of the course you will be an independent rider, knowing how to tack and jibe, going upwind, beachstart and returning at the same place.

Personal Group of 2 Group of 3 Group of 4 – 6*
1 hour  lesson (recommended  for young kids)/Incl equipment 60€ 50€/person 45€/person 40€/person
2 hours  course  (1h lesson & 1h free practice)*/Incl equipment 65€ 58€/person 53€/person 45€/person
4 hours course (4 hours lesson- recommended  for young kids) 200€ 180€ 165€ 150€/person
8 hours course (4h lesson +4h free practice*) 240€ 210€/person 200€/person 180€/person
1 day "dedicated surfer" (1h lesson & all day free practice) 80€ 75€/person 70€/person 65€/person
4 days course "dedicated surfer" (4h lessons &the rest of  day practice) 300€ 280€/person 250€/person 230€/person


-Family package: 2 adults +kids under 18 – 10% in (4-6) group prices.

-Prebooked courses -10% (valid for 4days dedicated course)

-After the course -20% first rental

-Free rental for boards considered after the lesson or the day that your lesson takes place (for dedicated courses)



Starter lesson 1h lesson 100€

3h course (1h per day)  270€

Advanced lessons


Private Group of 2-3person
1 hour  course 70€ 60€/person
1 hour course  (no equipment) 55€/ 50€/person
3 hours  (3days) 195€ 165€/person
3 hours  (3days no equipment) 140€ 150€/person

Pro lesson

1 hour 80€
1hour  no material 70€
3h/3days 220€
3h/3days no material 180€

Stand Up Paddle boards

1 hour 20€
2 hours 30€
1hour lesson 45€