Laguna beach park - Recycling

“If you would like to help us keep the beach clean, you may ask for a pair of gloves from the reception, collect few plastics from the beach and get a funny recycled item as a reward.”

At Laguna beach park we are more than conscious about recycle!

Fortunately the beaches of Naxos are absolutely clean,with crystal water!

But once per week we clean the beach as some plastic rubbish are drifted from the sea

One year ago we discovered  the Precious Plastic project. We found it was way more than interesting to try and create something from all this waste. So we decided to build the machines (shredder and injection) that would allow us to transform the wasted plastic coming from the beach to useful things like key rings, mobile stands  and so on…

Something useful comes out from rubbish thrown on the spot you had fun at your holidays and is now your souvenir!

*Feel free to contact us if you are interested to paricipate in the Precious Plastic project or you have any questions and need our feedback!