Rental and rates

Summer 2021


Beginner/insurance* Advanced/insurance** Pro/insurance***
2 hour 40€+10€ 50€+20€ 60+20€
4 hour 50€+10€ 60€+20€ 70+20€
1 day 60€+10€ 80€+20€ 90€+20€
2 day 110€+15€ 130€+35€ 150€+40€
3 day 117€+25€ 153€+45€ 175€+50€
4 day -25% from advance equipment + 10€/day 180€+60€ 207€+65€
5 day 207€+75€ 238€+80€
6/7 days 238€+85€ 275€+95€
8 days 275€+95€ 306€+105€
9 days 306€+105€ 337€+115€
10 days 337€+115€ 365€+125€
11 days 365€+125€ 391€+135€
12 days 391€+135€ 418€+145€
13/14days 418€+140€ 436€+150€
15 days 437€+145€ 457€+160€
16 days 457€+150€ 477€+170€
17 days 477€+155€ 495€+187€
18 days 495€+160€ 518€+195€
19 days 518€+170€ 535€+200€
20/21days 535€+180€ 549€+210€
1hour     60€ (foil board rental only by hour, after evaluation 20€ balanced with the total if passed evaluation)
(-20%  for our guests with minimum 3 days days rental)
1 HOUR 100€ (wing and foil board rental only by hour, after evaluation 20€ balanced with the total if passed evaluation)
(-20%  for our guests with minimum 3 days days rental)
Above rental rates are valid with pre – booking at least 3 weeks prior arrival (for 3 days rental and more)
Prices are for reservations until 3 weeks before rental/arrival. For bookings within 3 weeks before rental/arrival we charge on-spot rates
On-spot prices are +10% for more than 3 days rental.
Board rental includes protection vests. It does not include wetsuit, harnesses and accessories, equipment insurance.
Rental and its progressive discount is possible only in consecutive days. There is no refund for unused windsurfing rental time
The equipment can be used only by the person who is renting it. If it is used by others, each additional user will be charged minimum the daily price of rental.
For board reservations please note your board category (beginner, advance or pro) in order to help us  better manage our equipment. If you know which one of our boards you would like to book please note also that in your reservation. You could have your fix board booked , but you can use every board that is available in your category or previous one. Customers with pre-paid reservations have first priority when are choosing equipment.
The Insurance package covers damages to the board and the sail, includes use of wetsuit and harness and rescue services. Material insurance excludes damage to the fin. Insurance is also invalid if the person hiring the material does not comply with the instructions of the staff on duty, or violates the international marine code or Laguna’s beach park/ Naxos surf rules about handling and storing the material. Material insurance covers up to three damages. Material insurance does not include total destroy or loss of the equipment.
Low wind activities
  • Freestyle group lesson included in rentals more than 5 days)
  • Hydro foil board
  • Wing hydro foil board
  • Tow in windsurfing
  • Sup touring
  • Functional training
  • Υoga courses
Types of equipment
We are using:
Boards: taboo and Jp
Sails : gastraa and neil Pryde
Beginner: school boards 160-220ltrs
Advance: 78-155lts
Pro : pro edition boards, 100% carbon mast and boom
Our guests could use two spots (laguna beach park and Naxos surf) for relaxing and renting equipment.

-Family package (3 or more rentals ,min 6 days) -10%


-Junior rental: (up to 12 years, not applicable with family package double use or any other discount -20%)


-Double use of board +50%