Laguna’s story

Laguna Beach Park was a dream that came true in 2013!

A few years back, Stamatis was sailing there and Anastasia was sitting at the hilltop, which rises right at the end  of the small lagoon, gazing the amazing view, and they were dreaming about their own windsurf center at that same spot.
They were dreaming of creating a surf center that wouldn’t remind of a typical business, but it would be cool and friendly, and that would be a place where friends, surfers or not, would love to chill out during their summer holidays…
They wanted to create a station that would be a paradise not only in their kids’ eyes but also to the families that would visit and spend their holidays with them.
They were dreaming of opening a surf station at that part of the lagoon, with the warm and shallow crystal waters, which is so ideal not only for beginners but also for the advanced freestylers that would love to practice new tricks in the flat waters of the magical place which is called the small lagoon. (Lagunaki)
That dream came true in the summer of 2013 and since then we have lived our dream with you.
Since 2021, Laguna Beach Park welcomes a new member in their “family”! Laguna Naxos Surf  comes to complete not only Anastasia’s and Stam’s dream but also the dream of the fans of Laguna of Naxos!
Two centers that cover all the Laguna’s coast bring you close to any spot of the Laguna that you want to be and enjoy every part and conditions that this amazing place is able to provide, “ideal windsurf-holidays” in Laguna centers of Naxos Island.