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Laguna Beach park centre is located at the end of Laguna’s coast line. The centre is exactly  at the edge of the beach at the small lagoon known as “Lagunaki”, which is famous among the freestyle windsurfers.
Laguna Naxos-surf center is located at the prime spot of the 1,2 km length Laguna next to Aghios Georgios main beach of Naxos island. The surf centre is right at the front of the best launch site: steady wind, easy access to the wave venue and it works perfectly with any other wind direction apart from the prevailing north wind.
Our experienced staff will be more than happy to help you choose the most suited gear for you and carefully trim, or even carry the equipment for you.
We are trying to make your holiday as enjoyable as possible, so we’ve created the perfect venue with a great atmosphere exactly on the water’s edge. In a place protected by the wind, with cool music and plenty of shade and sun-beds, you can lay with the sun warming you and have a cold drink amongst friends after an exciting day on the water. It just doesn’t get any better than this!
About the equipment at Laguna centre’s you could find JP  AustraliaTabou boards and NeiPrydeGaastra sails. Our advance and pro sail are rigged on masts of 75% and 100% carbon content. Your rig should not only look  but also feel light!
The right gear in the right place and our personal touch suited to your individual needs ensure the success of your first steps into the worlds best water sport.
If you have your own kit and can’t bear to be apart from it then by all means bring it along. We can provide storage for you at a reasonable price. We also can transport you and your gear from the port of Naxos. Storage price includes facilities like rescue cover, fresh water etc.
Accessories: gloves, shoes, harness, harness lines, wetsuit, Lycra shirts, hats and t-shirts.
Spare parts: extensions, joints, etc.
Equipment: Sails, boards, booms and masts, brand new or used at the best prices.
Board and sail repairing with original materials within maximum of three days.
Safety is one of the most outstanding features of the surf center. A powerboat that is ready and available, ensures that you can be brought back to shore quickly if problems do arise. One of the center’s employees is always present to supervise the location and to spot any trouble right away.
A watchful eye ensures carefree surfing for you.
Every year we sell on all equipment we use.
It’s a great deal- you can get equipment that is 3 months old at half price!
YOU WILL FIND at the station
  • Top Friendly environment even during high season!
  • Professional passionate for windsurfing since 1997
  • Windsurf courses for children, from simple turns to advance  tricks..
  • Freestyle courses from simple tricks to “culo” and “burner”!
  • Wave courses from forward to back side 360.
  • Storage of equipment, transportation from and to the port.
  • Tips for any windsurf tricks
YOU WILL FIND at the island
  • extremely delicious traditional food
  • exceptionaly beautiful  sunsets
Anastasia Chioti

In our surf center, you can find Anastasia every day at the reception who is more than willing to assist you and give you “inside” tips for the island as she is a local.

Stamatis Promponas (StamPro) Gre393

Stam is everywhere!!In or out of the water, he is always there to assist, to teach and to give you tips about windsurfing. His love for windsurfing is addictive and what better way to learn the secrets of this sport than from a professional windsurfer!

PS: When Stam is windsurfing, it’s worthwhile to spare some moments and watch him do his magic! His freestyle moves are breathtaking!
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Laguna Beach Park station was created completely by recycled materials, with a lot of respect to the environment and the beach. Stamatis and Anastasia with a lot of personal work, care and love created a place for sharing their dream summer with you!