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The story of Laguna Beach Park

Laguna Beach Park was a dream that came true in 2013!

A few years back, Stamatis was sailing there and Anastasia was sitting at the hilltop, which is rising right in front of the small lagoon, gazing the amazing view, and they were dreaming about their own windsurf center at that same spot.

They were dreaming of creating a surf center that wouldn’t remind of a typical business, but it would be cool and friendly, and that would be a place where friends, surfers or not, would love to chill out during their summer holidays…

They wanted to create a station that would be a paradise not only in their kids’ eyes but also to the families that would visit and spend their holidays with them.

They were dreaming of opening a surf station at that part of the lagoon, with the warm and shallow crystal waters, which is so ideal not only for beginners but also for the advanced freestylers that would love to practice new tricks in the flat waters of the magical place which is the small lagoon. (lagunaki)

That dream came true in the summer of 2013 and since then we have lived our dream with you. Our goal is to help you have your ideal windsurf-holidays in Laguna Beach Park in Naxos!

YOU WILL FIND at the station
  • Top Friendly environment even during high season!
  • Professional passionate for windsurfing since 1997
  • Windsurf courses for children, from simple turns to advance  tricks..
  • Freestyle courses from simple tricks to “culo” and “burner”!
  • Wave courses from forward to back side 360.
  • Storage of equipment, transportation from and to the port.
  • Tips for any windsurf tricks
YOU WILL FIND at the island
  • extremely delicious traditional food
  • exceptionaly beautiful  sunsets
Anastasia Chioti

In our surf center, you can find Anastasia every day at the reception who is more than willing to assist you and give you “inside” tips for the island as she is a local.

Stamatis Promponas (StamPro) Gre393

Stam is everywhere!!In or out of the water, he is always there to assist, to teach and to give you tips about windsurfing. His love for windsurfing is addictive and what better way to learn the secrets of this sport than from a professional windsurfer!

PS: When Stam is windsurfing, it’s worthwhile to spare some moments and watch him do his magic! His freestyle moves are breathtaking!
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Laguna Beach Park station was created completely by recycled materials, with a lot of respect to the environment and the beach. Stamatis and Anastasia with a lot of personal work, care and love created a place for sharing their dream summer with you!