The Locations

Laguna is the safest spot in the world for learning windsurf.

Laguna’s centers offer you two spots which cover all the Laguna coastline.

The wind, the famous meltemi, moving power for our sail in the summer months waves between 10 to 35 knots. With no more than 1,5 meters depth of water and the calm waving of the sea offered by the natural reef regardless the power of the wind. Laguna is the spot that every beginner windsurfer dreams of…
Sailing upwind and approaching  the town we meet stronger waving of the sea, ideal for freestyle maneuvers and loops.  For the worshipers of jumping and “wave riding” getting out of the reef we meet a big starboard tack  sea wave which becomes even bigger with the help of the reef.

Slalom fans will be satisfied in Laguna!

wind statistics


Laguna Beach park centre which is situated at “Lagunaki” is here to train you pass from being a medium level windsurfer to big waves level! With a small piste with sharp and clean waves and depth less than one meter, Lagunaki will help you get the feeling of being in serious wave conditions but in absolute safety…

Are you a “freestyle competitor”?

Laguna is your spot! You will find completely flat water in order to learn the “tricks” and “choppy” conditions to make sure you can “handle” everywhere! Every summer famous freestyle riders  visit our centers in order to enjoy the special conditions that Laguna has to offer. Various clinics and camps from experienced freestyle athletes take part at Laguna’s centers so stay tuned….

Are you looking for more adrenaline?

At Laguna’s centers  you will have the opportunity to try the windsurfing ramp! (after evaluation)


There are endless options for your non-windsurfing partners too: You are just a 5 min walk from Agios Georgios, the town beach, and 15min walk from Naxos town. Everything you could ever need from a windsurf destination!

The view from “ Laguna Beach Park”

Your passion for windsurf shouldn’t stop you from admiring the view from our station. Chora expands imposing in North (from the direction of meltemi) with the castle on the top and Portara to the left. In the east, we meet the highest mountain top of Cyclades, Zas and in west a part of Paros and the stony ground of Stelida.

*ask at the reception in order to see the  God of the wind Aeolus!