Freestyle show 2019

The 4th consecutive Freestyle Show and the contest have taken place at the epic freestyle spot at Laguna beach park in Naxos, Greece. The contestants gave a great show and the crowd rewarded them with generous applause.

This 4th iteration of the event on August 18 was blessed with winds blowing from 25-30knots: perfect conditions. The show started with 4 young guns aged 6-11 showing spectators that even the smallest can plane on a windsurf board as long as there is wind..

Then five riders gave a non-competitive show demonstrating some of the most extravagant and difficult freestyle moves, like air-Kabi, Culo, burner no-handed, massive forward loops. Teo Bathrellos, Yarden Meir, Stam Promponas, Dimitris Malliopoulos, and Lennart Neubauer G-734 put on a show the spectators are going to remember for a long time.

After that, it was time for the contest: 16 riders in four heats then the semi-finals and then a two-stage final. The level of riding has been really impressive. One heat had to be rerun for the judges to decide who to advance. The final winners Lennart Neubauer, Yarden Meir, Pierre Garambois put on a high-quality performance making the judges’ work really hard! The final was so close! Lennart won by 2-points difference in a total of 55!
We saw kabikuchi, air Kabi, skopu, air flakas, double moves, the lot! Special tricks like the double grubby by Meir, the gosada by Stam Pro and the whistling eslider by Teo Bathrelos were real crowd-pleasers.

It was another great show hosted by #LagunaBeachPark in perfect conditions and a friendly atmosphere. More than 100 spectators enjoyed the show and even more through the live feed on youtube!

We should really thank Anastasia Chioti and Stam Pro, the hosts Laguna Beach ParkMEXX NAXOS and Ellahellas for the sponsoring, Kostantinos Koro, Mike Tsinoglou and Sotiris Koutsomitros of Vaitsa Schools for all their help.