01.07.10 Here is a report from Sardinia and Lefkada!!The summer is here and seems to be windy like 2009!!
06.06.10 Breaking news! The EFPT competition in Lefkas – Greece  (11/6-14/6) will be broadcasted live on the Internet!!!
and hit the “Take me Live” link.
04.06.10 One of my best efpt event took place at Sardinia!At the first day i came 4th! Check the ladder of the first day here! At the second day the wind was about 45knots!!!!Finaly i finished at 7th place! here is the gallery from! here is the ladder of the last day!and here is video of heat 34! Steven vs Nico!
30.05.10 Check out ponch here is by far one of my best photo from boat sail trip!!
30.04.10 We had a great experience.. I went with my friends (Alex44 and Alex) daily boat sail trip stay tune for unbelievable photo and video action!!Check out where the photographer Marouska went to capture some action!!!A big thanks to Likourgo and Swellpanic for the boat! Photos and videos comming soon..
24.04.10 Mast, sails and board for sale here!
03.03.10 Cape town Trip report just uploaded!Enjoy it!
Here is a video from Agio Hlia i used the Go Pro hd!Thanks Ourano for the camera!
03.01.10 Happy new year to all!!I am now on Vandal sails!Many thanks to brand new Windstar shop and Leftherh Mitsopoulo for the support!The sails are realy good i feel perfect on it!
25.11.09 YOOoo Finally the Recycle Part2 is released!! Enjoy it:D
20.11.09 One of the windiest National Championships took place at Loutsa last Weekend!The wind was really strong and I was completely over powered with my 4.0 ego and 86 freewaveboard!It was more like a wave event! First day I won the single elimination with gusts up to 40 knots! The second day I run only in 2 heats…the final was with 45 knots !!I had crashed hard in the first day and couldn’t feel my left hand! Teo, my opponent in the final, is very good sailor especially in strong winds!He sailed well and kicked out Divi & Prapa in a row!I sailed very bad and lost the first heat of the final…but Teo had to win me tow times to get the event! In the second heat i did my best and i won the event!! I Have NEVER SAILED before as much over powered like that!!!A big thanks to MANIATI XEFTERH and everyone else that helped!Photos!
25.10.09 Ripcurl and Flisvos sports club organized the best efpt event for 2009!A well known destination was waiting for us! Me and ALEX went to the Naxos island a few days early before the event in order to catch earlier the good forecast. 2 days before the event strong north winds came! One day before the official start the organizers decide to start the super session in the harbor!!GREAT IDEA! The port was crowded and the show was exciting!!Steven won the session with future canabrava! First day of the event!The wind was nice for my 5.0 sail!I was waiting one round cause of the rank and i was against young blood Dieter
van der Eyken!I sailed really good! I landed many of my moves like ponch shaka switch kono
flaka’s spocks double flaka funnel and puneta and never crashed!But Dieter sailed better and kicked me out! The winner of the single elimination was Steven Vanbrochofen against Andre Paskowski.

Second day! The wind was like yesterday, my 5.0 was nice! I was against Manoli Vardaki from Crete! I passed with my first landed burner one handed during the heat! After Manoli i had to compete Motus from Slovenia! I sailed very good and passed with 10 /12 landed moves! After Mottus i sailed against Souza De pedro!I chose wrong sail because the 5.0 was foul power! i tried with my 4.7!Unfortunately the wind died during the heat and i lost!Winner of the event was Steven again! Second Andre and the 3rd place went to Dieter who won 6 heats in the row in the double!!It was a dream i couldn’t believe that the efpt took place at the spot who i learn to sail!! A BIG THANKs to Flisvos AND Ripcurl!!
Here are the photos of the event and here are the videos from helicopter !!!
24.09.09 Win a trip to the ripcurl prince of the wind!!!
22.09.09 Here is the firts part of the movie!!I hope you like it!
10.09.09 Unfortunately one of the windiest summer is over.. Stay tuned for the first part of the movie “RECYCLE”
22.07.09 Another unknown destination was waiting for us. Me Nik Alex and Teo went to Alacati for the last efpt event before the two months break. The wind was on our side. We finished 2 eliminations in 2 first days but after the wind died. In the single elimination I sailed very good. I made a perfect heat and I beat Edvan Souza from Brazil but afterwards I lost from Andre Paskowski. The parties were fun.  Here is the photo and video.
15.06.09 The windy spot of Paleochora was waiting for us. The forecast was unbelievable. We finished two single and two double eliminations. Ultra light conditions were gone. We competed only one day with 5.0 sails and the rest of the days most of the riders sailed with 4.2 m2. I ll never forget when I was a minute late for my heat but succeeded to sail well and pass. We enjoyed the event and the hospitality a lot. There are only photos. I came 10th
10.06.09 After the winter conditions we faced in Sardinia and the five in a row canceled heats I experienced, we went to the beautiful Greek island Leykada for the second efpt event of the year. The thermal wind was there for only one day so only the single elimination was completed. I came 9th with Nik! You can check out the photos.
03.06.09 What a busy month!! Me Nik and Alex just came back from Sardinia!Took place there the first efpt event!I finish 17th with Alex. Nik came 9th!!Here is the video and here the photos! :)
21.05.09 My friend Alex – Swellpanic gave me his water proof camera!Check out the unedit video!
20.05.09 I am happy about my new sponsor!I got Rip Curl clothes and wetsuits!
26.04.09 My new photo gallery is on line!I hope you like it!
20.04.09 Shovit and Table top added!
15.03.09 Chachoo crash!Captured with smooth slow motion mode!
After a few attempts i manage to land the toad!
Some wave action added Spot: Agios hlias.
Redbull Naxioi extra part (unedit).
10.12.08 Check out another Dakine freestyle video from George Dhmakopoulo.
02.11.08 Sorry for the lack of updates! I just upload clips and videos, the trailer and the movie of “Naxioi” (2th place in redbull event!) and the clip of “Dakine Freestyle Challenge”
27.08.08 Ice for sale!
26.05.08 Check out a nice promo video for Naxos Island, it was light with 5.9! (
20.05.08 Here is some action from last event “3s magazine freestyle”. Congratulation to Nik Gre9.
06.05.08 Future added!Thanks Fedona for video capturing!
20.04.08 A good friend George made a funny video from the last session!check out the movie!
15.04.08 I just uploaded tips for the grubby, i hope you found it usefull!Also you can vote for the next move :)
Switch chachoo added!
02.04.08 Double puneta added to the video section!Drepano is the best place for double moves!
05.03.08 A funny wipe out uploaded!Was a nice wave session!
29.02.08 Ponch and speedloop just added!
25.02.08 Shaka in the lagoon uploaded right now!
22.02.08 I just uploaded one new clip check out the new “clips” section!Hope you like it!
18.02.08 Freestyle from lagoon just added to the video section from the last trip to Naxos island! The temperature there, was about 12c and only one day was cold!!
16.02.08 There is no wind for six days!I change Profile, Videos section and i put one new section “Clips”!
02.02.08 Check out the photo gallery some wave action uploaded, hope you like it!
01.01.08 Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year!!I apologise for the lack of updates!
23.12.07 The forecast was perfect..We decided to go to Naxos Island,thanks Giannh for video capturing!
23.11.07 Was a perfect day, check out the video with air flaka crash and ponch!(coming soon nice photos!) thanks koro for capturing!
04.10.07 I made tips section!with “how to” movies, hope you like it!(Sorry about greeklish)
We are happy!!!!The first freestyle event in Greece is true….
Naxos Summer Pictures (Lagoon)
We went to Naxos Island with Teo and Taso!Tasos had a small accident.Thank you for video shooting!! Freestyle action – Naxos spots:Lagoon, Vigla, kastraki
26.06.07 EFPT Freestyle event! Rhodos Freestyle 15- 17 jun 2007!
EFPT Freestyle event! Milos beach 25-28 May 2007!
Freestyle movie at Naxos Lagoon.
Freestyle action at Naxos Lagoon.
24.04.07 Nice waves at Naxos Agios Georgios Beach!
08.03.07 I went to el yaque for 14 days!!Check out some photos!
03.02.07 Check out my first freestyle photos with skate 99!!Thank you Alkisth.
20.01.07 Willy skipper added. Tetso spot was nice..
08.01.07 I got a new sponsorship from windstar & fanatic.
05.01.07 I went to naxos island for Christmas.Check out some video action d1,d2,d3! 03.01.07 Happy new year!! My personal web site is on line!!! Have fun…