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The Laguna Beach Park team and the beautiful island of Naxos will help you to LIVE every moment of your windsurf holiday to LOVE every minute of it and to LAUGH all the time!


Stam Promponas

Owner - Instructor

Stamatis Promponas Gre393, a worshiper of extreme sports, discovered windsurfing at the age of 16. What earned his heart, though, is the freestyle windsurf! Champion in Greece, participations in the European Championship Contest (efpt), the conquest of the 15th position in a contest of worldwide championship (PWA) are only some of his achievements. Excellent trainer of windsurf even on higher levels. He loves children and he likes keeping busy with them! Stam also likes skate board and snowboard.

Stam is Official coach of Lennart Neubauer!


Anastasia Chioti

General Manager

Anastasia Chioti is a graduate in psychology, specialized in children. She loves keeping busy with them as much as building creative activities for them, with the aim of their mind and physical growth in combination with fun. She grew up in Naxos and when she was little she thought that surf was only for “tourists”!!! But when she grew up, she got to know it…and loved it at once. Kind and pleasant, will always be at your service in order to help you make your vacation unforgettable!


Stefanos and Konstantinos


Stefanos and Konstantinos

Video of stef

Video of Konstantinos


Michael Chinoglou


Michael Tsinoglou 32 years old, visual artist, Taekwondo - windsurfing instructor and art teacher.He started taekwondo when he was 3 years old and windsurfing when he was 5. He came for windsurfing at the Lagoon of Naxos in 1996 and since then he never got away from this place. His talents don’t stop here…in 2013 he began participating in running and trail running competitions.As you could realize, Michael is very experienced in teaching and extremely passionate in sharing his knowledge. So, don’t miss the opportunity to have a windsurf lesson with him!

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